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There She Glows

The Somatic Skin Kit by There She Glows

The Somatic Skin Kit by There She Glows

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Introducing the Somatic Skin Kit - a harmonious symphony of self-care curated by Regilynn Se’Mae, a visionary, licensed esthetician and multidisciplinary artist. This transformative kit combines five meticulously crafted skincare products with five soothing meditation songs, offering a holistic approach to beauty and well-being.

Begin your journey with "Royal Oil," a soulful meditation song paired with an oil cleanser that gently purifies and rejuvenates your skin while transporting you to a state of deep relaxation and mindfulness.

Follow with "Cleanse Me Daily," a serene melody paired with a gentle cleanser that washes away impurities, leaving your skin refreshed and renewed.

Next, indulge in "Soothe Me," a calming meditation song paired with a soothing toner specially formulated for sensitive skin. Feel tension melt away as the gentle mist envelops your skin, leaving it balanced and revitalized. Then, experience "The New Me," an invigorating melody paired with an exfoliating toner that reveals a radiant complexion beneath, empowering you to embrace transformation and renewal. (This toner is sold separately) 

Complete your ritual with "Hydrate Me," a blissful meditation song paired with a luxurious moisturizer that envelops your skin in a cocoon of hydration and serenity. Feel the nourishing embrace of music and skincare as you restore balance and vitality to your complexion.

Elevate your skincare routine with the Somatic Skin Kit and embark on a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation. Let the transformative power of music and skincare guide you towards a radiant complexion and a deeper connection to your inner self.

With each application, feel yourself becoming more deeply attuned to your skin's needs and more fully present in the beauty of the moment.

The specially formulated steps have been crafted and tested by Licensed Esthetician and Multidisciplinary Artist, Regilynn Se’Mae. This mission, these products and her wholistic spin on skincare have been mentioned on ABC27, FOX43, Prouldly PA, Black Wall-street, Forbes Under 3O by way of Harlems Fashion Row’s CEO Brandice Daniels, The International Skin Games, Skin Inc. & many more.

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Freaquently asked questions

What I Hear Most As A Licensed Esthetician...

How often should I do my skincare routine?

This is a great question and one of the most frequent questions I get from my clients. The truth is, you know your skin best and you also have a very unique lifestyle. I recommend 1-2 times day day but you can always adjust your routine based on your workout regimen and makeup use.

Do I need to double cleanse my skin— if so how often?

Double cleansing is all the rage now! I highly recommend that you practice double cleansing if you workout, wear makeup and sunscreen. The reason being is that you really do not get off these kinds of barriers with just one cleanse. Double cleansing with an oil based cleanser first and then a gentle foaming cleanser immediately after ensures that your skin is clean clean!

Do I need a moisturizer if I have oily skin?

To be less vague— moisturizing is soooooo importmant and especially if you have oily skin. Contrary to what you’ve been told or may be assuming, oily skin is screaming moisturizer. Drying out your oily skin only triggers it— creating a domino effect of sebum over production. Applying a light emollient cream will occlude the skin keeping in moisture without causing over production throughout the day.

I don’t use a toner— should I?

If I had a dollar for every time I heard this question, I’d be Rihanna Rich! The answer is yes, you should absolutely be toning your skin right after you cleanse. The reason being is that your skin’s pH level is typically effected by your clesanser and toning helps to regulate it back down/up to the happy medium of 5.5-6.5. Toning also ensures that your cleanser is actually removed fully!