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There She Glows

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Join The Private Event Waitlist

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A recap of our 420 event💨….


It was like being in a room full of love.


It felt like a warm hug.


It was unexplainable— a “you just had to be there” kind of night.

But @mz_jezzica_rabbit  did a brilliant job of capturing moments that you can feel through photography! 🔥✨


I stopped throwing events for the sake of throwing events in 2019– I personally never liked large groups of people to begin with. To me, large groups can scare off the shy people, those labeled “weird” or to themselves. Those NOT in the “in crowd”— those are typically my people…


This evening, in everyone’s intro there was a common statement and feeling… introspection. Going inward takes a different kind of isolation. One that many won’t actually understand.

It’s also necessary to create a community around you that does get it!


Thank you to everyone that said yes to this first of many sister circles at There She Glows!


I did special invites for this first time but this doesn’t mean you are excluded if you’re reading this. You are invited! Please sign up to be added to the waitlist for May’s private event! Your $1 will be applied to your event ticket!  

Event details will be released soon! 

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Freaquently asked questions

What I Hear Most As A Licensed Esthetician...

How often should I do my skincare routine?

This is a great question and one of the most frequent questions I get from my clients. The truth is, you know your skin best and you also have a very unique lifestyle. I recommend 1-2 times day day but you can always adjust your routine based on your workout regimen and makeup use.

Do I need to double cleanse my skin— if so how often?

Double cleansing is all the rage now! I highly recommend that you practice double cleansing if you workout, wear makeup and sunscreen. The reason being is that you really do not get off these kinds of barriers with just one cleanse. Double cleansing with an oil based cleanser first and then a gentle foaming cleanser immediately after ensures that your skin is clean clean!

Do I need a moisturizer if I have oily skin?

To be less vague— moisturizing is soooooo importmant and especially if you have oily skin. Contrary to what you’ve been told or may be assuming, oily skin is screaming moisturizer. Drying out your oily skin only triggers it— creating a domino effect of sebum over production. Applying a light emollient cream will occlude the skin keeping in moisture without causing over production throughout the day.

I don’t use a toner— should I?

If I had a dollar for every time I heard this question, I’d be Rihanna Rich! The answer is yes, you should absolutely be toning your skin right after you cleanse. The reason being is that your skin’s pH level is typically effected by your clesanser and toning helps to regulate it back down/up to the happy medium of 5.5-6.5. Toning also ensures that your cleanser is actually removed fully!