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There She Glows

Spring Season Double Cleanse Kit

Spring Season Double Cleanse Kit

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This Two-Step Skin Ritual is excellent for dull, hyperpigmented skin lingering behind from winter by tackling the most difficult types of pigmentation problems first with the mind. Wake up each morning and rest at night knowing that you are healing and so is your skin. This gentle yet powerful skin ritual will elevate your mood and reveal a healthier, more even-toned skin within four weeks.

What is a There She Glows Skin Ritual:

A ‘skin ritual’ is simply a series of purposeful skin care practices that are internally motivated. Daily skin rituals facilitate the greatest change in our skin, self, and soul health over time. At There She Glows we believe that implementing skin rituals yield an elevated perspective of and fosters a healthier connection with oneself. 

What is in this skin ritual:

(1) 2oz Facial Cleansing Oil

  • Reduces dark marks
  • Rebalances oil content so your skin is not over or under-compensating
  • Gently removes dead skin without stripping your face of its natural goodness
  • Rebuilds collagen and elastin
  • Reduces dark under eye circles and tired/dull looking skin
  • Flushes out black/white heads
  • Reduces acne through the law of attraction/chemistry (oil pulls out oil— like attracts like)
  • Relaxes the entire body through massage and essential oils like lavender and chamomile

(1) 2oz Everyday Gentle Cleanser 

This a specially formulated gentle foaming cleanser for all skin types. It cleanses the skin thoroughly, while moisturizing with natural botanical extracts. There She Glows’ Everyday Gentle Cleanser does an amazing job of dissolving dry, dehydrated layers from the skin's surface and helps promote smooth skin and a more even complexion without stripping the skin or causing that painfully dry feeling after a typical foaming cleanser. 

 A metaphysical healing stone/crystal

A special morning mantra 

An evening gratitude mantra 

A private link to a video tutorial 

A 3 Day Digital Skin Ritual & Journal


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