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Are you an esthetician, barber, or other wellness/beauty business owner and want to increase your bottom line with little to no effort??

Do you struggle with confidently selling skincare to your clients?

Does the idea of labels, packaging and ingredient knowledge frighten you just a bit?

If so, you may want to think about wholesaling with There She Glows!

“The concept of There She Glows was developed from a need I saw in my own community. When I arrived back to my small hometown from esthetic studies in a major city I realized that inclusive and diverse wellness spaces were far and few in between. I then made it my mission to create exactly what I saw was missing: affordable, inclusive & luxurious holistic care for the under-served woman. When I developed There She Glows’ spa, products and service menu I did so based my own growth as a full time wellness provider. My Cllients healing journeys became the focal point shortly after. I knew something was weird after seeing how the mind can impact the most outwardly confident person when skin is involved. I was an esthetician with a strong sense of emotional empathy and interest in ingredients. When clients come to There She Glows, they see it as an investment in themselves. The products are an extension of the magickal space and results— based on real case studies! “

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The current choices we had for professional beauty spaces are always hard to access and adapt to for women like me, and I’m not alone in this feeling. There is this constant battle to assimilate ourselves to meet stale beauty standards in order to be accepted for the knowledge and expertise we bring to the beauty industry not even to mention the SAUCE🔥🔥🔥. There is also a lack serious business courses for the beauty industry! THAT NITTY GRITTY STUFF! That stuff everyone skims over at their events... the things that can cause you to either scale or lose your business—

So I made There She Glows University. An Inclusive Community for Estheticians Only. A true safe space, coaching+graduate level business courses, no mean girls allowed, no industry politics, only better businesses... AND NOW I AM COMING TO NEW YORK WITH MY MOST REQUESTED COURSE!  


Details & Communication…

It’s the details y’all!


1. Your goal as a 5 star service provider is to foster an atmosphere of extreme comfort for your client. From the music to the greeting to the welcoming scents to the thermostats temperature to the bed warmer to the sun cascading in the room… should I go on??? Or do you get the picture?? DETAILS MATTER!


2. Communication— you’re probably thinking words… but I’m talking about hands to face communication. Your hand movements and how comfortable YOU are with them are the difference between a 3 star and a 5 star review or a one time client vs a loyal representative for your brand and services!


“Her hands are magical”

“I feel like I’m on a &&@/&:)! Island”

“It’s the atmosphere for me”

“You need a nap room”

“I feel like I have a different face”


These are real life words from real life repeat clients of There She Glows!


3. If you’re an Esthetician & made it this far down the caption you probably should consider signing up for our Signature Hand Movement Hands On Class next week in Brooklyn, NY! This class has single handedly tripled its students confidence and doubled their bottom line every single time!

Only 8 spots available!


What Is Included??

  • 4 hours hands on training covering topics such as:

-Facial Anatomy


-Attuning Client Synergy 

-Structure of A 5 Star Facial

-Facial Massage Tools VS Hands

-Marketing & Advertising 

  • Light dinner
  • A detailed work book
  • A certificate of completion 
  • A There She Glows Swag Bag
  • Exclusive deals for future classes
  • Membership inside our product wholesale group
  • Our professionals only wholesale catalog 



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What’s In A 5 Star Facial?



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What’s This Tour All About?








By Creating Clients That Market For You!

  • The foundation is the facial

  • Clients can feel your discomfort with facial movements

  • Clients can feel your lack of confidence about ingredients 

  • Clients are relying on you to guide them

  • Esthetics school is simply not enough to be confident on your own

  • It’s time to believe that you can do this AND make it a career not just a hobby!


I was you— frustrated with being the odd one in my city. Stares every where I went because I was clearly “from out of town” even though I was born and raised right there. I always felt out of place... Until I became my own boss. Esthetics was the vehicle that drove me to self discovery in it’s truest form. I was finally able to be BIG!!! Bigger than I ever was comfortable being... I loved what I did so damn much that who in their right mind was going to ask me to shrink??? On the flip side I was still a small town girl, meaning I still valued intimate settings and real connections above all things! Finding that happy balance was a challenge and took me yearsss but here we finally are! I will always be indebted to this industry... I learned freedom here, which is exactly why I will pay it forward with this tour! Yes, apart of the plan is to travel on my terms, build high value clientele, but the last mission means the most to me and that is sharing what I’ve learned after being submerged in this industry for over 20 years. You read that right! And yes you suspicions are correct— I am only 29. However, I started working as a shampoo tech at my parents’ hair salon at age 9 and the rest has literally been Herstory in the making. Thank you for coming along on this journey and I really do look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your wildest goals!

Xoxo, Miss There She Glows aka Reg

It’s time to feel more confident in your treatment room

Increased confidence or your money back in full!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do hand movements matter?

Hand movements are the foundation of a 5 star facial! They are important because knowing where to go on the face, why, and when, puts a new client’s nerves at ease. It also makes seasoned clients bring in more people like them—Ultimately making everyone you touch a repeat & loyal customer!

What comes with the class?

4 hours hands on training covering topics such as:

-Facial Anatomy


-Attuning Client Synergy 

-Structure of A 5 Star Facial

-Facial Massage Tools VS Hands

-Marketing & Advertising 

Light dinner

A detailed work book

A certificate of completion 

A There She Glows Swag Bag

Exclusive deals for future classes

Membership inside our product wholesale group

How many people are in the class?

I Ike to keep my classes small and intimate— being a graduate of one of the largest public universities and sitting in classes with over 300 student,  I understand that less is more! For this reason,  I cap all of my continuing ed classes at 8 students!

Can I take video?

Videos are allowed and welcomed!

What is the money back guarantee?

We live in a world full of BSers— people that want your money in exchange for BS! That is not me nor is this that kind of program! I am passionate about education and making sure each and every student is heard and feels confident! If you leave my class feeling lost, left out, or cheated I will fully refund you!