Severe Hyperpigmentation 

A skin concern like this takes 3-6 month to correct.

Adult On Set Acne

A skincare concern like this takes 6-12 months to learn how to manage.

Sensitized Skin

A skin concern like this can take 12-24 months to manage.



What you need more than anything is guidance and simplicity. I want to handle the complexities so that you can rest on this journey. I crafted The Signature Glow Facial to be a treatment plan rather than a one and done session. Though the flow of the facial is always planned out, the methods & modalities are always chosen based on 3 things...

"Yes, I Offer 

The Signature Glow Facial!"

I am happy to help you achieve your goals and usher in a deeper way of self care with you. I am proudly offering 3 types of The Signature Glow Facial at Legion Hair Studio. I am available by appointment during the week and every other weekend here. The best way to schedule an appointment with me is to book online through Legion's website or by giving them a call with your preferred times to book! 

When booking online: you will be directed to a 3rd party sight ( Please only schedule "The Signature Glow Facials" because these are the only treatments I offer at Legion. 

I truly look forward to having you in the space!

Peace & Love.