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According to the social justice platform @trvst.world, beauty packaging amounts to 120 billion units of trash each year, including plastic, paper, glass, and metals that are improperly recycled and ultimately end up in landfills.

This didn’t sit right with our CEO and founder @regilynn.semae! 

One thing we are passionate about at There She Glows is leaving behind a legacy that considers the ones that come after us! 

This is why we switched to glass 2 oz bottles in 2021 during our development stage! 

Then in 2023 we rolled out our very first Refillery inside of @legionhairstudio 

✨Did you know only 9% of plastic containers are recycled!!!??? 

Yet the cosmetic/personal care industry produces 120 billion units of plastic packaging globally every year. Where does it go?? 

It ends up in landfills and drifting in our ocean! One day we hope to be a zero waste brand!In the meantime, 

Our packaging design and sustainability plan is unique and does the following for our environment:

♻️save 70 cents per bottle on CO2 waste

♻️save 65% energy per batch

♻️save 45 cents per bottle of water we use in the packaging process

Now it’s time for us to make better choices as the consumers, it’s crucial to be conscious of the products we buy and their environmental impact.

When purchasing a new beauty product, it’s important to consider how it was made, who made it, and what is in the product. 

This approach allows us to see the bigger picture behind conscious consumerism, where our purchasing power can create a big difference in such a large industry.Shop with us and know that you are supporting a brand that support our future! To shop our full line please visit @legionhairstudio

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Refilleries are the future.

There She Glows is leading the way with eco-friendly and economically smarter ways to retain clients.

  • Cut Overhead In Half

    The cost of bottles and jars accounts for 60% of the average product cost— with the refillery setup you’re streamlining your revenue and cutting expenses!

  • Create An In-House Experience 

    Our businesses love the refillery style because it offers an experience beyond the services that they offer and keeps customers excitedly purchasing products in between.

  • Increase Your Bottomline

    Every single business has seen a 40-90% increase in product sales and customer retention only after 3 months of housing a refillery.

How It Works…

Your pathway to financial freedom in 3 easy steps.

Pick Your Products

There She Glows has 2 Cleansers, 2 Toners, and 1 moisturizer to chose from. Each product is designed to work with the others but can also be a stand alone staple in your business. 

Set Up Your Refillery

Setting up your refillery station is easy! Your starter kit comes with marketing and promotional materials for you and your clients.

Start Selling Out!

Yes, you read correctly… start selling out AND keeping most of your profit while doing so.

100% Refilleries Satisfied

Trusted By More Than 3,000 Customers Globally

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help finding an answer to your question? Ask our customer support at info@theresheglows.black

Is there a minimum order?

For your first initial order there is a minimum of $444, after this order there is a $222 per order minimum.

Do I have to be licensed to carry There She Glows?

Yes! There She Glows is a professional skincare line only sold to license Estheticians and Hair Salons.

Can I white label There She Glows?

We offer many options for retailing There She Glows, please reach out for further information about white labeling.