Chemical peeling is the application of an active agent to the skin, which causes the controlled reconstruction of a part or the entire epidermis— top layer of the skin. A series of chemical peels then leads to the dermis— deeper layers of the skin, naturally exfoliating itself while aiding in the removal of superficial blemishes & dead skin. All of this sparks the regeneration of new epidermal and dermal tissues.

At There She Glows, we start with enzymes. Enzyme peels are a type of chemical peel that are well-known for there gentle yet noticeable results when treating skin conditions such as: hyperpigmentation, fine lines, dehydration, acne, and more. The basic, active ingredients in enzyme peels are fruit acids which work together with other active ingredients to remove dead skin in a non-aggressive way. Enzyme Peels have been proven to be useful agents for figures such as, Michelle Obama, Keke Palmer, Jackie Aina & hundreds of our very own clients. They are used in our treatment room as both a sole treatment as well as series.

This series includes:

3, 60 minute facials
Level 1-3 customized chemical peel
Homecare products and guidebook
The support of a licensed esthetician 
Guaranteed results or your money back

1st Facial Includes:
-15 minute double cleanse
-skin analysis 
-a no downtime enzyme Peel
-healing led light therapy 
-2 week skin care prep kit 

Second Facial Includes:
-15 minute cleanse 
-skin analysis
-level 1 chemical peel 
-neutralizing the peel
-Home care instructions

Final Facial Includes:
15-30 minute cleanse
-level 2-3 chemical peel
-LED light or oxygen therapy

All facials includes shoulders and décolleté treatment, we believe the face should always match the neck!
Series will be redeemable for 1 year.  

A $839.99 VALUE FOR ONLY $675


There She Glows’ Product Line is known for its consistent dedication to high quality and efficacy.  Our product range from cleansers to treatment masks and much more! Each product has been developed with your skin in mind but most importantly by an experienced Esthetician that has helped hundreds on their skin journey. Years of working with chemists and FDA approved labs have yielded a product line that is both both classic and innovative. Each 100% recyclable bottle is packed with natural ingredients. We use the most effective and pure ingredients available in the world.  

FDA APPROVED, MADE IN A LAB, CREATED & CURATED BY A LICENSED ESTHETICIAN. Your series will include the products and the complete comprehensive plan for you to follow and feel secure!


Learn how AMELIA’s natural skin care products was made.