TRUE LIFE: 60 Days Without A Facial.



Here we are. 60 days without a facial— how you feeling?!

It's no secret that we are all a mess right now, but this doesn't mean your skin has to be. With this new found time and no facials at There She Glows, there is no reason why your skin should take the back seat this month. This blog post is going to breakdown what you could be doing at home to maintain the glow! 

Pre Cleanse Daily

Borrowed from the Korean 10-step Regimen, pre-cleansing is a complete and utter vibe— meaning, that once you add this to your regimen there is no going back and you will thank me. It's benefits range from miraculous makeup removal to naturally rebalancing the oil content in your face so that it's not an oil slick by the middle of the day. My all time favorite pre-cleanse is She Is Facial Cleansing Oil infused with lavender, vitamin-e, and chamomile essential oils. 60 seconds massaging my face with this and then following behind with a warm wet face cloth is one of the only things that wakes me up and gets me motivated to start my day off productively.


Exfoliating Once A Week

We got TTTIIMMMMEEEE— and exfoliation is a great way to remove unwanted dead skin, breakdown built up dirt and to reveal a more brighter complexion. Always check in with you Esthetician on the specifics like what products, how often, and when to use them because not all skin requires weekly exfoliation. However, I have found that many clients are suffering from dull, dry skin right now and a great way to see a difference is to exfoliate with a mild enzyme such as She Is Papaya Enzyme. 

Masking Every Week 

Personally, I have been masking 2 times a week with 2 different masks:

Oxygen Mask- to oxygenate my outdoor deprived skin, hydrate/feed my skin cells so they do their job naturally, draw moisture into the skin (humectant)  

Mud Mask- detoxify skin, mildly exfoliate, rejuvenate skin, draw blood to surface of the skin.

Masking weekly can totally transform your regimen and could possibly be the extra love your skin needs right now. I have found that my stubborn dark marks are fading and skin seems to be looking extra dewy these days with these added steps.

The moral of this story is, that while you may miss your Esthetician (and trust me when i say that s/he misses you too) your skin can still be winning and working towards your overarching goals. Just because your appointment are on pause right now does not mean that your results have to be too. You didn't come this far to only come this far! 


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